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Manila | Philippines
chriel (chriel)

Home: Manila, Philippines

a simple man xtian:) my mobile #> +639273699196

Hi, i'm xtian... fun to be with either outside or indoor... a young
and simple man and hot guy with tight, smooth and athletic build,
honest, nice and reliable, always ready and always horny..

i'll make you satisfaction interms of sex...
always ready and available for you 24/7...
home and hotel service... also n out of town.
contact my mobile or email me first
for the schedule and details... thnx...

call or txt me 1st:)

Rates: ask me when you call:)

Cock Size: 5.0 in (12.5 cm) Cut

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Home: Manila, Philippines

Life is meant to LIVE, Take risks and ENJOY :)

Choi, 25. Currently living in Manila and new to the business. I find this practice fascinating and it turns me on. I love having a real conversation aside from an action, laugh, jokes and good company. I love watching movies while cuddling and and kissing and maybe depends on the movie we are watching, do something more, hahahaha! I'm a cheap date, i'd prefer mcdonalds than starbucks if it means we can laugh and be ourselves than pretending that we love coffee when it gives us hyperacidity. I do speak 3 languages including Tagalog, of course, English and Swedish, I have travelled to places not because I was an escort but because I got lucky, let's just say , hahaha so I was able to interact with different cultures and learn a lot about how the world is different from each part of it. If you find me interesting enough please get in touch.

Rates: outcalls 2000, including full body massage and extra services all protected.

Cock Size: 5.5 in (13.75 cm) Uncut, Average Thick

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Driller27 (Drex27)

Home: Manila, Philippines

Are you ready for a total, full body massage? Allow my hands and fingers to work over your body providing a relaxing and sensual touch to your stiff, tired muscles and joints. After a long hard day of work or play, my strong hands can ease those pains and

Im doing massage for 3 year un some place in asia.i do service to Men,Women,bi couples,and couples...just need avadvance booking

Rates: Ask me about my rates

Cock Size: 7.5 in (18.75 cm) Cut, Thick

Adult Modeling      Professional Massage      Sensual Massage     

axianboy1 (axianboy1)

Home: Manila, Philippines

Available for Escort, Dates and Travel

Relaxed, discreet and reliable guy offering you a horny and enjoyable time.
Let's enjoy some hot time together.

Rates: starts from $50

ask me

Cock Size: 6.0 in (15.0 cm) Cut

Body Rub      Escort      Sensual Massage      Travel Internationally      Travel Nationally     

Mazahista Bryl (brentzv)

Home: Manila, Philippines

try me baby

5'8 21yo fair complexion i am 100% strait but i can be your slave in bed i can do massage and sex service...i dont have dick pic ok dont ask for my dick pic see it inperson

Rates: 2500 pesos only

Cock Size: 6.5 in (16.25 cm) Cut, Average Thick

Adult Modeling      Escort      Sensual Massage      Travel Internationally     

marc sandrei (sandreimarc)

Home: Manila, Philippines

new here try me for sure client only

23 from rizal i offer sex only for hotel service only...serious client

Rates: 3000 for 3hours

Cock Size: 6.0 in (15.0 cm) Partially Cut, Thick


boytony (tony1994)

Home: Manila, Philippines

Young, Wild and {url removed} me now!

20 years old
5'10 in height
Average look
Average body built

Rates: 1000 pesos
All package

Cock Size: 6.0 in (15.0 cm) Cut, Thick

Adult Modeling      Escort      Sensual Massage      Travel Nationally     

Ron Jervie Villania (Jervie)

Home: Manila, Philippines

simply hot bisexual guy at ur service. come on lets turn our naughtiest dreams into reality!

i am a simple yet horny guy who loves sharing fun and excitement. i love meeting people and enjoy each moment we have. I am quiet at first look, but as soon as we get to each other, you"ll know how amazing i am and how i do my thing well. u know what i mean baby?

Rates: u can just ask me.

Cock Size: 6.0 in (15.0 cm) Cut

Adult Modeling      Body Rub      Escort      Stripping      Travel Nationally     

AsianLeanJhay (AsianEli)

Home: Manila, Philippines

Asian Muscle Twink guy Ready for anything u want

Elahie is one of the most adorable men around. Of Asian descent, his small frame is packed with tight muscles and his stiff cock is absolute perfection. This smooth muscular jock is adorned with lots fetishes. Sexy muscle around his thick bicep and decorate his rippled chest and abs

Rates: Negotiable

Cock Size: 7.0 in (17.5 cm) Cut

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mark albert castillo (pain19)

Home: Manila, Philippines

try my 8.5 inc dick and my hot body im a good licker and hard fucker

-- i am Albert ♥ Castillo simply call me` albert or Al ".. a simple person with a kind and loving heart. the only son of my parents and a certified headache of my mom ( LoL ).

-- i only have simple ways of living .. i eat 3 times a day, sleep 8hrs ( or less ), live at a simple home with 3 rooms, have a short number of trusted friends, have a very strict but very loving parents and a happy family including my relatives.

-- my parents raised me well and teach me how to bow down to others. they tell me to strive hard for me to get what i want someday. my mom always gives sets of advice and lessons she learned from her childhood .. same as my father. they always give me cautions on what i do, guide me in choosing my path, teach me the importance of trust and most of all, they thought me me everything about god.

-- i came from a poor family. i already experienced poverty at my early age .. i see my parents argue for money, say bad words to each other, cursing etc. good thing my parents fix it and didn't let our family be gone apart. but now our life is stable and in good situation. i learn how to be grateful on little things that God give to us.

-- my education .. i step kindergarten at the age of 4 yrs old ... when i go in grade school .. since grade 1 to six, i never get demoted from section one. i finished elementary with flying colors. same as my high school years .. right now im a part time model


-- i am a nice person, sweet and caring .. i always want to mingle with my friends. chat with them, laugh our lungs out ..

-- i am a happy go lucky person. i don't want to put pressure on things especially to minor problems .. coz it can be solved in time. but when a major problem comes, i take it seriously.

-- i can say that i am a true friend .. i never leave a friend when it comes to problems. i am happy if i know that i helped them .. even if they didn't return the favor for me its ok.

-- i am a loner .. since i grow up alone. its never been a problem for me to be left alone. it always happens sometimes .. when my friends or the person whom i think is sincere to me goes away.

-- i trust easily .. for me its the only gift that i can give to my new friend. so they should never break it ..

-- i give effort to help. i never ask for any reward for helping .. its my way of saying thanks to all the blessings.

-- i am a good adviser. i want to help other people to solve their problems. family, love ones, friends etc.

-- i am a shy type kind of person .. i dont usually talk in first meeting.

-- perfectionist .. i want all things done my way. small errors counts, i want it pleasing, good to look at and likable.

-- i am a talker. i have many things to say .. i love to chat with people who has a lot of experience to share.

-- i always want to learn from other people. for me its a good example of a steping stone.

-- i really want to travel .. explore the different things in life. i want to see cultures that is well preserved from different parts of my country.

-- i am not into sex date or what so ever activities related to that word .. and i really hate Liars.

-- i am a crybaby .. sensitive in small things.
- i love meeting new peaple her, friends and budddy


-- i am jealous ( semi super ) .. i just hate the feeling but this only certify that i really love my partner.

-- i give my best .. i dont want to regret anything when im in a relationship.

-- i stick to one .. i really dont get the logic of searching for an "extra pertner". i am contented on what i have.

-- i am a romantic person .. i always want to let my partner feel my love for HIM or HER. i want every moment feel special for my partner.

-- i am expressive .. i want to say and shout to the world how lucky i am to have a partner like HIM or HER.

-- i am loyal , honest and open minded .. i want HIM or HER to feel free even if HE or SHE is committed to me. just ask for permission always.

-- i have no standards. i dont care about the looks as long as that person is decent and presentable.


-- dont mind other peoples opinion. it is you who is making your future and life not them .. they are just a bunch of insecure persons who has nothing good to say. paying attention to them is just a waste of time .. you are great , use that greatness to inspire others who is in need. dont loose your foot on the ground .. just be that person who others love to see

Rates: u can hire me just 2000

Cock Size: 8.5 in (21.25 cm) Partially Cut, Pumped Huge

Adult Modeling      Body Rub      Escort      Travel Internationally      Travel Nationally     

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