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Porn Star: Stefan Taylor, a.k.a. Roman Priapus (RomanPriapus)

Home: Charleston, SC, United States
My City Ads:   Charleston, SC  
Phone: 213-20-ROMAN(76626)
Height: 6 feet 0 inches (1.82 m)
Age: 23
Weight: 155 lb (70.2 kg)
Cock Size: 8.5 in (21.25 cm) Cut, Monster Thick
Services:   Adult Modeling   •   Body Rub   •   Escort   •   Non Adult Modeling   •   Professional Massage   •   Sensual Massage   •   Stripping   •   Travel Internationally   •   Travel Nationally

About me:

I am easy going, fun loving, and high energy - Oh and I SUPER FAT, and HUNG piece of man meat swinging between my thighs. 8.5" long and 7.5" thick! ;)
I am the current Owner & CEO of myROMAN Entertainment, an Adult Production and Entertainment Company. Web Developer for all my Sites and WebMaster for all of my provided online services. Male Model, Adult Cinematography, Go-Go Dancer, Entrepreneur and Business Owner.

I accept Cash, Credit/Debit (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMX, ect) Instant POS Transactions and Online Invoicing Optional.

Visit {url removed} to watch me LIVE every day 9-5 and stay tuned for hot new additions, models, and content!

-Much Love,
Roman Priapus

HIRING WEBCAM MODELS NOW - VISIT {www . myRo . co / model}

Turn on and off:

ON: Muscles, big cocks, bubble butts, or nice smooth clean tight assholes. Money.. last but not least. A man who can afford whatever he wants, and not afraid to drop a stack, that puts me in the palm of your hand.

OFF's: Smelly uncut cocks, smelly buttholes, shit on my dick, facial hair scratching me, haggling over pricing.

I'm here to top. My bttm belongs to another.

N.B. Preferences Section: those subjects that I have indicated on here are not necessarily things I do myself (ie. PNP) but they are things that I understand parTy bottoms enjoy so I won't stop you if you want to parTy or get peed on. I'll let you swim in my pee with on cloud 9. It's your fucking party and I'm there to help you enjoy in every way I comfortably can. So, that being said, just ask first boys.

Travel schedule:

San Diego Resident.
I am available for daily travel in my Mustang to most of SoCal as long as you're serious, verifiable and you're willing to compensate me for my R/T travel.

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